Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

Schedule a home safety assessment today

If you live at home but need some assistance, call Living @ Ease Home Care today. We'll schedule a home safety assessment to make sure your home is a safe living environment for your mobility needs.

Depend on us to take a close look at hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and steps in your home to see if any adjustments are needed. We may recommend installing ramps or walk-in bathtubs and/or other additions for an easier and more safe accesibility throughout your home. 

Learn more about home safety assessments by calling Living @ Ease Home Care at 980-339-5537 today.

3 benefits of home safety assessments

Consider an assessment from Living @ Ease Home Care to:

  1. Get a peace of mind your loved one is safe in their home.
  2. Confirm whether safety measures should be taken.
  3. Get expert recommendations for home care.

The caring and professional staff at Living @ Ease Home Care is ready to help. Call today to set up a home safety assessment.