Senior Care Services

We offer help around the home.

senior care services charlotte nc

Living Care Services

Get help completing difficult tasks.

senior care services charlotte nc

Home Safety Assessment

Find out if your home is easily accessible.

senior care services charlotte nc

Care Management

We'll pinpoint the kind of care you need.

senior care services charlotte nc

Call Us for Home Care Services

Keep your independence and live at home

Living @ Ease Home Care is a licensed homecare agency provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We offer caring in-home care aide,  companion, sitter, and respite services; thorough home safety assessments; and skillful care management assessments. Our living care and senior care services are specifically designed to help people with disabilities and the elderly navigate their homes and complete everyday tasks.

From feeding and bathing assistance to running errands, our staff is highly trained to meet an array of specific needs. Call Living @ Ease Home Care at 980-339-5537 or 1-888-867-8551 today to request an appointment for care management.

5 reasons to get senior care services

Are you or a loved one having a hard time getting around your home? Do your friends and family members worry about your ability to cook, clean or take medication? Choose Living @ Ease Home Care for senior care services. You can:

01.Stay in the comfort of your home.

02.Allow a caregiver to run errands for you.

03.Take medication exactly when you need to.

04.Get help dressing and grooming for the day.

05.Get customized assistance that fits your needs.

Call today to schedule a home safety assessment. Our professional team will create the best care plan for your needs.

Make the most of your home care

Living @ Ease Home Care works with health insurance companies and private sectors to provide the best personal care services available. Our goal is dedicated to helping you reclaim your independence to return and/or remain at home.

Whether you need assistance running errands or eating meals, our compassionate and skilled caregivers are ready to help in any way. Call Living @ Ease Home Care at 980-339-5537 or 1-888-867-8551 to schedule care management services today.